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Does your back hurt because of wearing a tool belt all day? Here is the answer to your problem!

This Leather Tool Vest is perfect for any craftsman/tradesman out there!

This back quiver is made out of 3-4oz exotic print milled veg tanned leather lined with 7-9oz veg tanned leather. The quiver itself is very thick and durable and the bottom piece is very thick as well.

Are you a fan of the Mandalorian?! Here is the helmet for you!

This Mandalorian inspired leather helmet is made out of 100% top grain 9-10oz veg-tanned leather.

I can personalize it to whatever color and look you would like.

I made this bag for the 2019 International Federation of Leather Guild show and it won 1st place in the open division!

The exterior shell of the bag is made from 100% top grain 4-6oz veg tanned leather, with a beautiful purple pigskin lining for an elegant finished look! 

What our clients are saying

After wearing my all leather tool vest hand crafted by Abegail, for a month at work, I have to say that this is the Ultimate solution for carrying your tools at the job site! I am not easy to impress and have had purchased the best name brand leather tool belts and systems available and none of them can compare with Abegail's all leather tool vest. Beautifully hand crafted with amazing quality and excellent attention to detail. If you are a professional tradesmen or a weekend builder, make your purchase today. Abegail is excellent to work with and she made my special requests easy and perfect. Trust her and buy from her. My review is as honest as possible. I wanted to use my vest prior to my review for a solid month of heavy duty use with 8 hour work days! Best purchase I have ever made. Thank you Abegail.
I am so very happy with my order. Seller answered all my million questions and helped me figure out the perfect placement for what I wanted. It was perfect when I received it! Thank you so much!!
Excellent craftsmanship and shipped amazingly fast. Was great to work with. Went back and forth several times describing what I wanted and she nailed it.
Hey Abegail. Just left work to go home and get this thing when I got the notification that it arrived EARLY. This thing is gorgeous number 1 and it is absolutely perfect. It’s exactly what I’ve been needing for years. I finally have everything I need within arms reach. I couldn’t be happier. The reviews were spot on. You are a true master of your craft and a pleasure to work with. Thanks so much and I look forward to working with you in the future.
I sent over a few pictures of what I was thinking for a holster, she sent back a few drawings. We decided on a design, 5 days later it showed up. Everything fit perfectly despite her not having the actual tools with her. I am extremely happy about the craftsmanship and the way she put it all together. If you are looking for a custom order Abegail is a perfect fit for just that.
Abegail, I just got home and opened the package and it's off the scale! So amazing, so perfectly done! Fits like a glove! Oh my goodnes! I am so so happy! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
First off this is a great product. Abegail worked with me and helped me get my vest how I wanted it. I frame for a company in Georgia where it’s very very humid and hot in the summer. I’ve worn this vest for 10 hours a day 5 days a week for a month. It’s holding up well, and working great for everything I need. My back doesn’t hurt and neither do my hips from wearing a belt. It’s not terribly hot considering it’s all leather . It’s not heavy either. I don’t have any complaints this is a great investment.
I love it, you are the best $ well spent WOW it's just what I wanted. I could go all day thanking you for a job well done. Im glad i found you. Its a one of a kind belt. So if you ever see it again, grab it because someone stoled it. Lol. ? and a big bear hug thank you. And believe me if i ever need leather work done i know how to get a hold of you. And yes i will tell my friends. And the key chain awesome i love it. Have a glorious day. And you are one great leather make. All day long i can go your amazing, talented, smart and beautiful?
Great custom job, easy to work with.